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The North is Lost to Ancient Foes
And so the Five Unite as One.
To force them Back into the Snows
and Battle till the Fight is Done.
-The Prophecy of Wisht, Final Verse

When the Two Moons rise full the Heroes of our Great Races shall gather in this Citadel to form a Council of War. Together we will work to overcome our differences, combine our strengths and ensure that the Arkhivians never trouble the peoples of Djemity again.
-Speaker Eran Yos Nor at the opening of the Citadel.

Djemity is the Oxford University RPG Society Game running through Michaelmas 2010/Hilary 2011.

In this world you will play a great hero, hailing from one of the five Races that inhabit the continent of Djemity. For many centuries these Races have traded and warred with one another, and old hatreds have simmered and stewed, whilst short-lived friendships are forgotten and betrayed. In recent months, however, word of an ancient enemy rising in the Ice Wastes across the Northern ocean has begun to surface, and the five Races have reformed an ancient alliance, long forgotten till now.

Little is known about this terrible foe, save that they were banished from Djemity long ago, guilty of some heinous crime. What their crime was, however, is lost to the cataclysmic event known as “The End of History” where, 200 years ago, nearly all records and knowledge of the past were traumatically ripped from the books and minds of the people of Djemity and scattered across the world. Whilst much has been regained in the time since “The End of History” more still lies forgotten, and in the face of this re-awakened threat many adventurers now seek to travel into the dark places of the world to recover lost knowledge and find forgotten treasures.

Whether you want to play a determined soldier, subtle politician or brave explorer, prepare for a land full of magic, beasts and dark secrets.

If you have any questions please email the GMs at gm@djemity.chaosdeathfish.com.

Those new to roleplay may wish to visit the New to Roleplaying page followed by the Overview. Old hands should read the Overview to get general pointers on theme and setting and then explore the site as they see fit!

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